Liberal Judges Block Trump’s Attempt to Keep Immigrants Off Welfare

Liberal Judges Block Trump's Attempt to Keep Immigrants Off Welfare

On Wednesday, three judges in New York refused to allow President Trump’s public charge rule for immigrants to go into effect while a legal challenge makes its way through court. The judges, all appointed by Democratic presidents, will allow immigrants to keep receiving welfare without repercussions.

Trump’s public charge rule sought to link the use of public benefits to a person’s immigration status. Under the rule, immigrants who could be a drain on society may not qualify for a green card. The rule isn’t new, but the president made its application more strict.

Trump’s policy states that, if an immigrant is a recipient of welfare programs like Medicaid or food stamps, for more than one year in a three-year period, then they’d be considered a public charge. After all, why shouldn’t they be considered as such? If a person is receiving public aid for more than 12 months, they are obviously dependent on government assistance.

Is it really too much to ask that non-citizens support themselves and not burden our society when they are asking to move to our country?

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