Lin Wood’s Threats Against Pence Attract Secret Service’s Attention

"Secret Service Agent Guards the White Ho" (Public Domain) by Matt Popovich

Attorney Lin Wood has gained quite a following by professing to be fighting for President Trump. Wood positioned himself as an ally to the president while disputes about the 2020 presidential election remained ongoing; however, some statements and conduct from Wood have caused certain conservatives to question him.

Wood, for starters, has a history of voting for members of the Democrat Party and also donating to them. This history came to light after Wood held a press conference in Alpharetta, Georgia and told the state’s Republicans not to vote in the Georgia runoffs.

“Secret Service Police Car by the White H” (Public Domain) by Matt Popovich

In the recent weeks, Wood has also made some bizarre and troubling threats against Vice President Mike Pence. These threats include asserting that the Republican vice president would somehow be executed from the bullets of a firing squad.

Now, Washington Examiner confirms that Secret Service is, in fact, aware of the threats Lin Wood has chosen to wage against Pence and other Republicans like Leader Mitch McConnell and Chief Justice John Roberts.

Secret Service on Lin Wood

Americans across the political aisle have raised their eyebrows at statements made by Lin Wood.

His calls for Georgia Republicans to sit out the runoffs conflicted with President Trump himself who urged Georgians to get out and vote for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. Since losing the Senate runoffs, some people have speculated that Wood’s calls for Republicans not to vote actually aided the Democrats running against Perdue and Loeffler.

However, Wood’s threats against Pence, McConnell, and Justice Roberts cross over into illegal territory. Yesterday, the U.S. Secret Service confirmed their awareness of threats against their “protectees” and confirmed that these threats are being taken seriously.

Not too long ago, Parler actually removed Wood’s posts that threatened the violent execution of the current vice president.

Will Secret Service Act?

Thus far, Secret Service has not publicly commented on any potential actions they will take as a result of Wood’s threats against several top Republicans.

After Wood told Georgia Republicans to abstain from voting in the runoffs, President Trump reportedly telephoned Wood and told him to stop this type of rhetoric. In light of Wood’s remarks, Twitter has permanently banned him from using their service.

Do you think Secret Service will act in light of the threats to high-level Republicans from Lin Wood? Let us know in the comments section below.