Lincoln Project Proceeds with Attacks on Trump Supporters

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Throughout the Trump presidency, the Lincoln Project has made a name for itself as an organization of anti-Trump Republicans. The Lincoln Project dislikes and opposes not only President Trump, but also the outgoing first family and any members of the Republican Party who back Trump.

The Lincoln Project brands itself as Republicans, yet consistently works to get Democrats elected. They’ve backed multiple Democrats seeking office while running smear campaigns against GOP candidates. True Republicans in the party do not take seriously the Lincoln Project, nor is the group viewed by Republicans as a legitimate right-wing organization.

“Pro-Trump banner and supporter with a to” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Earlier today, Steve Schmidt, the founder of the Lincoln Project, proceeded with attacks against members of the Republican Party who support President Trump, per Breitbart News.

The Lincoln Project vs. Trump Supporters

This morning, Schmidt went on MSNBC and attacked the tens of millions of Republicans who support President Trump.

According to the Lincoln Project founder, Trump-supporting Republicans are “losers” who will not “write history.” Schmidt then opined that the privilege of writing history is reserved for the “winners,” a descriptor he appears to view as appropriate for the Democrats.

Later on, during his MSNBC remarks, the founder of the Lincoln Project went after Republicans in Congress who challenged the electoral votes for Joe Biden. Schmidt stated that pro-Trump congressional Republicans “incited violence,” perpetrated “the big lie,” and brought shame to the nation’s democracy.

The Lincoln Project under the Biden Administration

The Lincoln Project is one of many political groups to make a name for itself that is tied to President Trump.

With Trump leaving the White House tomorrow morning, the Lincoln Project won’t be able to use the outgoing president’s name as a platform for its message. Hence, Democrats who supported the Lincoln Project because of its anti-Trump stance are likelier to lose interest in the group as the Biden administration carries on.

As of this morning, online posts from the Lincoln Project have revolved around the group’s excitement about the end of Trump’s presidency. The organization continues to make very clear its interest in the complete removal of Trumpism.

Do you think the Lincoln Project will lose relevance once Joe Biden’s administration settles into the White House? What do you think about the organization’s attacks on the 45th president and the Americans who support him? Share your views with us in the comments section below.