Liz Cheney Bringing in Millions for 2022 Congressional Campaign

At this time, many members of Congress are up for re-election, ahead of November’s midterms. These elections are going to be a huge deal and have monumental effects on decisions made in the country.

Right now, Democrats are not on track to winning these races. In fact, historical precedence, national polls, low Biden approval ratings, etc., indicate Democrats will lose their very thin majorities in the House and Senate.

One of the many congressmembers up for re-election is none other than Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney. Cheney made headlines in 2021 after voting for former President Trump’s impeachment.

Cheney has also been increasingly outspoken against Trump, prompting the former president to back a primary challenger against her.

However, fresh information from Fox News reports that Cheney’s fundraised more than $7 million as she runs for another term in the House.

What to Know About Cheney’s Fundraising

On Monday, Cheney revealed that over the course of 2021, she managed to rake in more than $7 million.

This figure of cash raised by the Wyoming Republican sets a milestone; during the last quarter of 2021, Cheney brought in over $2 million, marking a significant increase from funds she’s raised in previous quarters.

At this time, Republican Harriet Hageman is currently the Trump-supported challenger campaigning to take Cheney’s House seat. Throughout her campaign, Hageman has asserted that Cheney is out of touch and blinded by a personal vendetta against Trump.

What’s most interesting about this is that prior to the Cheney-Trump fallout, Hageman was actually a fan of the Wyoming congresswoman. Before becoming an opponent of Cheney’s, Hageman even donated to her campaign on several occasions.

Renewed Criticism of Trump

The Wyoming congresswoman remains unflinching in expressing her views about the 45th president. Over the weekend, Trump indicated at a Texas rally that if he gets elected, he’ll provide pardons to his supporters facing legal consequences for storming the US Capitol.

Republicans like Sen. Lindsay Graham, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, and others have since distanced themselves from remarks like this.

However, Cheney has stated Trump’s rhetoric increases the possibility of a 2.0 version of January 6 happening again. In 2021, the Wyoming congresswoman also went on record saying she’d do everything in her power to ensure Trump doesn’t get close to the White House again.

Cheney is likewise one of two Republicans on the January 6 committee that is investigating the events at the nation’s Capitol over a year ago.

What do you think about the funds that Rep. Liz Cheney has raised thus far in her congressional campaign? Do you believe Cheney will be successful in holding onto her seat in the House of Representatives? Let us know in the comments area below what you think comes next for the congresswoman.