Liz Cheney Teases Possible Run for President

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Days ago, Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney lost her job as the chairwoman of the House GOP Conference.

Cheney alienated much of the House Republican base with her commentary on former President Trump; Republicans in the House are focused on getting back the chamber’s majority and see Trump as a vital player in this endeavor. 

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Hours ago, the GOP House voted Rep. Elise Stefanik in as the new chairwoman of the House Republican Conference. Stefanik has vowed to serve admirably and be an asset in the fight to take back the House majority. 

However, Liz Cheney’s removal from the position of House Conference chair doesn’t mean that she’s disappearing quietly into the night. In fact, Newsmax confirms that the Wyoming congresswoman is leaving the door open to a possible run for president of the United States. 

Cheney on a Potential Presidential Run

After the Republicans in the House voted out Cheney, she gave several media interviews. One of the most notable remarks from Cheney involved her declaration to do whatever she can to keep Trump from getting anywhere in the vicinity of the Oval Office. 

The Wyoming Republican also made additional comments during an interview with NBC News. During this time, Cheney proclaimed that her focus is on ensuring that the GOP “becomes again” centered around conservative values and truth. Later, the former House GOP Conference chairwoman stated that she won’t allow anyone to “unravel” the fabric of U.S. democracy.

During another point in the interview, Cheney was questioned about her willingness to run for president as means of keeping Trump from getting another term. The Wyoming congresswoman did not expressly commit to a presidential run; however, Cheney did make clear that she’ll employ “whatever [measures] it takes” to repair the GOP. 

Excommunicated from the GOP

In a sense, Cheney remains largely exiled from the Republican Party. GOP members in the House voting her out from leadership is just the tip of the iceberg.

Many conservative activists are now working to ensure that Cheney is ultimately put out of Congress as well. Former President Trump, for instance, vowed to support whichever Republican ends up opposing Cheney in the primaries; other Republicans are eagerly rushing to back Trump in the feud between him and Cheney. 

Supporters of the 45th president keep largely laughing off the notion of Cheney blocking Trump from getting back into the Oval Office. The general consensus here is that Cheney’s stance with the GOP is so shot that she doesn’t have a chance of hurting Trump in any real capacity. 

Democrats and Never Trumpers, on the other hand, are rushing to Cheney’s defense amid her fallout with the Republican Party. 

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