Lockdowns Slammed as Ineffective, Destructive

"Unveiling of the Isamu Noguchi Sculpture" (Public Domain) by The White House

Earlier this year, lockdowns began as a means of halting the spread of coronavirus. Health and political leaders claimed that shutting down businesses, preventing travel, and otherwise limiting the livelihoods and activities of free citizens was imperative.

“Veterans Day Observance at Arlington Nat” (Public Domain) by The White House

As time passes though, Americans are beginning to question the true nature of lockdowns and subsequent consequences. For instance, communities that have heavily embraced lockdowns this year are still dealing with rising cases; the same pattern is also persistent with communities that have mask mandates on the books.

According to Breitbart News, Rubin Report host Dave Rubin is warning that lockdowns are ineffective and dangerously destructive.

A Word of Warning Against Lockdowns

With 2021 being around the corner, Americans have had months to try and test lockdowns. The nation has done this and yet, COVID-19 cases are not going away; meanwhile, a litany of other issues like depression, joblessness, poverty, domestic violence, etc., are soaring as a result of shutdowns.

This explains the commentary from Dave Rubin. While interviewing with Breitbart News, Rubin informed the right-wing publication that lockdowns don’t work and have not flattened the coronavirus curve.

Rubin then pointed out that places like Florida, which remain open for the most part, are not seeing an abundance of rising cases, unlike California, a state that’s consistently remained on lockdown.

The remarks from the Rubin Report host are in keeping with many conservatives’ outlooks. Critics of shutdowns continue to caution that these measures only worsen situations for Americans, rather than improving them.

Political Reasons for Lockdowns

As lockdowns have dragged on or resurged, some Americans believe that politics are playing a role.

As the 2020 presidential race carried out, conservatives warned that Democrat politicians had a vested interest in lockdowns, knowing that they’d hurt the economy under Trump’s presidency. Ultimately, the endgame in this appeared to be blocking the president from winning a second term in the White House.

Noncompliance against shutdown orders is also on the uptick as time passes. Americans are stating that they simply can’t afford to be closed down and not working; people in these situations have kids to care for, mortgages to pay, and bills to stay on top of.

The leaders implementing lockdowns, meanwhile, have not missed a single paycheck.

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