Los Angeles Mayor Responds to Criticism Over Breaking His Own Mask Mandates

Since the start of COVID mandates being rolled out, there’s been a succession of leaders not following the very same guidelines they enact for everyone else to follow.

The California governor, Michigan governor, health officials like Deborah Birx, Anthony Fauci, and others are just a few of countless examples.

At the same time these leaders habitually ignore COVID restrictions, they claim that anyone else who also ignores edicts is reckless and a danger to others.

To many Americans, the double standard is sickening. Even the mainstream media is now beginning to call out certain leaders on it, such as Los Angeles Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti.

As this happens, the Los Angeles mayor is putting out a series of unbelievable claims regarding the violation of the mandates he’s put in place, as Fox News points out.

Garcetti on His Repeated Violations of His Mask Mandates

The mayor of Los Angeles has been caught at multiple sporting events without a face covering, despite having mask mandates in place for the city he oversees.

When asked about this by Fox Los Angeles, Garcetti falsely inferred the only time he went maskless was when he was either consuming drinks or food. There are many photographs that can attest to the contrary.

Then, before making the aforementioned statement to Fox Los Angeles, Garcetti told an even more outlandish tale. The Los Angeles mayor once professed to have “held his breath” during times when he was seen without a mask.

Considering the Los Angeles mayor was seen for minutes on end — if not longer — without a mask at sporting events, the notion that he held his breath this entire time is dubious at best.

Rolling Back COVID Mandates

The hypocrisy of Mayor Garcetti and other leaders like him is all the more reason why the world is seeing growing levels of pushback against coronavirus mandates.

It’s not hard to make the case that if leaders can’t be bothered to follow through on the mandates they claim save lives, then no one else should be either. ‘Rules for thee and not for me’ isn’t a very popular point of view by any stretch of the imagination.

At this time, some left-wing leaders in the United States are starting to ease off of COVID mandates as they see the midterms getting closer. However, there are still other Democrat leaders working to keep these mandates alive for as long as possible.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has also come under fire for breaking the very same mask rules he champions. In the wake of this hypocrisy from California Democrats, some high school students in the state have begun protesting against mask requirements.

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