“MAGA Agenda” Gets Personal Praise

(WatchDogNews.org) – Donald Trump Jr. stopped by Fox News’ “Hannity” on April 23 to discuss his father’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. The president’s eldest son told host Sean Hannity the pandemic proves the “MAGA agenda” was right all along. In fact, other countries are even following suit.

Don Jr. said the coronavirus “taught us” Trump was correct when he said we had to take control of our supply chains. The US’ dependence on certain Chinese exports is the root of some supply issues we’re encountering. He went on to say China wouldn’t be able to do what they did again if America takes control of manufacturing.

According to Jr., even Mexico agrees with the Trump Administration. The US’ southern neighbors shut their shared border with America. Finally, he hit back at the media for their attacks on his father.

Trump Jr. is right — the president took control of the crisis quickly. The America First agenda he’s pushed since being elected is ultimately what’s saving the country.

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