Major Credit Card Companies Walk Back Anti-Gun Policy

In 2022, the gun control movement put major pressure on credit card companies. Gun control advocates insisted that credit card companies ought to track or separately categorize firearm purchases.

The logic offered here was that detecting a high volume of gun purchases could potentially prevent mass shootings. Of course, the problem with this logic is many mass shooters are not legally purchasing firearms in gun stores where they have to fill out forms and be on camera.

Nevertheless, Mastercard, Visa, and other prominent credit card companies caved to the pressure, agreeing to categorize the purchase of guns and related materials in a separate manner.

This year, these same credit card companies have since walked back their decision, as documented by the Daily Wire.

A Major Turn of Events

Credit card companies took a lot of heat from conservatives after bowing to the gun control movement. Republican legislators also warned these companies of potential legal issues that may come their way if they opted to go through with uniquely tracking gun buys.

Then, this year, supporters of the Second Amendment scored a somewhat unexpected victory. Mastercard, Visa, and their other competitors revealed they would “pause work” on moving forward with a system that would ding and segregate firearm purchases.

Visa specifically made note of the fact multiple states are passing laws that pertain to how firearms and similar paraphernalia are tracked by payment processors.

This is precisely what GOP legislators previously alluded to when warning that credit card companies would do well not to move forward with the wishes and demands of the gun control lobby.

The Fight Continues

The gun control lobby’s failure to get what they wanted from credit card companies is definitely a loss for them. However, they’re not going to give up that easily. This means defenders of the Second Amendment can’t let up either.

Just earlier this month, gun control activist David Hogg took to social media, tweeting out that Americans do not have any right to own firearms. Like others in the gun control movement, Hogg also wildly claimed that the interpretation of the Second Amendment is flawed and improper.

Most Americans can see the writing on the wall and recognize the true goal of gun control. That goal is to ultimately strip Americans of the right to own, use, purchase, or sell firearms.

This is something that can never be allowed to pass in the United States.

Are you surprised to learn that credit card companies backed down from the anti-gun policy they agreed to last year? Do you think the gun control movement is going to put more pressure on these businesses to take action against gun owners? You can let us know in the comments section.