Marines Ban Confederate Flags

Marines Ban Confederate Flags

( – This week the US Marines announced that all Confederate-flag items will be banned from bases worldwide.

Commandant General David Berger was responding to a congressional hearing about the rise of white supremacy in the military and told the top leaders to remove all Confederate-related paraphernalia. While many people were happy to hear this, many were also angry.

For Southerners, the flags represent their heritage, not white supremacy. They do not fly the flags or own “paraphernalia” because they’re racist. They have it because they’re proud of where they come from and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Major Eric Flanagan, Berger’s spokesman, said that there hasn’t been a decision about what items will be removed from the bases yet. In addition to the removal of the items, some are calling for 10 bases named after Confederate leaders to be renamed.

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