Matthew McConaughey Decides Against Running for Texas Governor

Texas politics are heating up and getting increasingly interesting ahead of the 2022 gubernatorial election. Right now, it’s clear that Republican incumbent and Texas Governor Greg Abbott is running for another term.

Meanwhile, Democrat Beto O’Rourke threw his hat in the ring earlier this month. Despite losing 2018’s Texas senatorial election and the 2020 Democratic primary, O’Rourke apparently thinks he has a shot at becoming Texas’ next governor.

As of late, actor Matthew McConaughey’s name has come up as a possible contender for the Texas gubernatorial election.

It was unclear whether McConaughey would run as a Republican or Democrat; after all, in the past, he’s espoused a series of views that don’t always align with one particular party.

Although, over the weekend, the actor confirmed he will not be running as a Texas gubernatorial candidate after all, as Newsmax reports.

Why McConaughey Won’t Run for Texas Governor

In a video announcement via Twitter and spanning over three minutes, the actor released statements about the possibility of him running for Texas governor.

McConaughey stated he’s come to recognize politics are in need of a “new purpose” and immense healing from ongoing divisions. The actor also proclaimed leadership happens via service.

After noting the extent to which he’s studied politics in Texas and politics in the United States at large, McConaughey declared at this time, he is deciding against running to be governor of Texas.

The actor said he will instead use his time to support various businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs that he believes are appropriate leaders.

McConaughey also made a note of stating unless human beings take actions for themselves, there’s nothing politicians can really do for them individually. During his video announcement, the actor declined to mention who he believes should be Texas governor going forward.

Projections for the Texas Gubernatorial Election

Right now, Governor Greg Abbott has been very clear he intends to serve another term as the governor of Texas. What’s more is polls show Abbott leading O’Rourke by multiple points.

Since O’Rourke’s announcement of his candidacy, he hasn’t exactly received the warmest reception. Abbott slammed the Democrat as “wrong for Texas.” Meanwhile, while O’Rourke campaigned in Houston, one person at the event told him to “get the hell out” and said O’Rourke wasn’t taking his firearms.

With all things considered, if the Texas gubernatorial race does come down to Abbott vs. O’Rourke, Abbott stands a very likely chance of serving a third term as governor of Texas.

O’Rourke has a proven track record of losing elections. Furthermore, he’s aligned himself with policies (such as mandatory gun buybacks) that are bound to alienate a significant amount of voters in the Lone Star State.

What do you think about Matthew McConaughey’s decision not to run for the governorship of Texas? We’re excited to read your feedback in the comments section below.