Mayor of Boston Slammed Over COVID Mandates

The Democrat Party’s obsession with keeping COVID mandates going on for indefinite timeframes has truly begun to backfire on them this year.

Americans first witnessed this back in January when the United States Supreme Court humiliated Biden by ruling against the vaccination mandate he tried to impose on every American business with at least 100 workers.

Meanwhile, a poll just last week showed that 54% of the country disapproves of how Biden’s chosen to go about tackling COVID.

At the same time, some Democrat leaders are now coming around to rolling back at least some of the COVID mandates they put in place.

Those who have not lifted restrictions, such as Boston Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu, are getting an earful for folks who are sick of it, according to Fox News.

A Wake-Up Call for the Mayor of Boston

Days ago, Mayor Wu decided to host an Instagram Live and leave her comments open.

This immediately backfired, though; the Boston mayor’s comments on Instagram were full of people slamming her for all the COVID mandates she’s kept in place. The pressure to lift mandates is truly rising now, as even leftist leaders begin phasing them out.

During the live stream, Wu appeared visibly flabbergasted and taken aback. The look on her face as she tried to search for positive comments in a sea of censure against COVID restrictions truly said it all.

The mayor of Boston hasn’t publicly spoken about this. After all, it’s not something she wants to draw attention to; nevertheless, the entire thing has gone viral.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson covered it on his segment, noting Wu’s astonishment that so many people are fed up with her dictatorial leadership.

A Simple Solution

If Mayor Wu isn’t happy with the negative feedback that came her way on Instagram, there is a very easy fix.

That fix entails doing away with onerous mandates and letting folks make their own individual decisions regarding what’s best for them and their children.

Amazingly, the Boston mayor fails to understand (or care) that people have had enough with governments breathing down their necks, finger-wagging, and demanding obedience with neverending edicts.

Enough is enough. All the mandates and restrictions in the world have done zilch to stop or contain COVID. It’s just not reasonable for Wu or anyone else to believe that folks should be endlessly controlled by big government.

Thus far, the Boston mayor has yet to end her unpopular COVID restrictions.

What do you think about the criticism directed towards the mayor of Boston over all her COVID restrictions? How much longer do you think the people of Boston will be subjected to various mandates? We look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments area.