Michael Avenatti Can’t Stop Breaking the Law, Arrested Again

Michael Avenatti Can't Stop Breaking the Law, Arrested Again

(WatchDogNews) – Once upon a time, there was a scumbag lawyer who said President Trump was a criminal. Ironically, that lawyer, Michael Avenatti, was arrested for a slew of charges last year. Now, he’s back in jail because prosecutors allege he committed even more crimes while he was out on bail.

The liberal media darling was arrested on Tuesday for bail violations. California federal prosecutors asked the US District Court in Santa Ana to revoke his bond. They allege he has engaged in mail and wire fraud, money laundering, and “structuring financial transactions to evade [currency] reporting requirements.”

Avenatti rose to fame when he represented adult film star Stormy Daniels in two suits against Trump. He was arrested last year for trying to extort $22 million from athletic giant Nike.

Prior to his arrest, he was a regular fixture on MSNBC and CNN where he bad-mouthed the president and accused him of a multitude of crimes. As it turns out, Avenatti’s the real criminal.

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