Michigan Republicans Continue Work to Oust Governor Whitmer

In Michigan, Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is up for re-election this year. Polls have shown that Whitmer doesn’t have the strongest support amongst the residents of her state.

She could therefore be voted out of office in November, something that Michigan Republicans are all too eager to make happen.

In 2020, Whitmer made national headlines for the heavy mandates she imposed upon her own people in the name of stopping COVID. Despite declaring these mandates as public safety precautions, the Democrat governor landed in hot water for violating her mandates multiple times.

As Breitbart News reports, the Michigan GOP is now holding Whitmer to account for the many problems arising from her response to this virus.

Not Holding Back

Under the Michigan governor’s leadership, many senior citizens in nursing homes passed away, due to COVID positive individuals being placed into facilities with them. These placements happened under Whitmer’s orders, something she’s never really owned up to.

Meanwhile, Michigan Republicans are all too eager to remind voters of this, especially since this is their chance to get her out of office.

In a new ad, the Michigan Republican Party blasted Whitmer for underreporting how many lives were lost, due to her forcing nursing home residents to come into contact with COVID-infected individuals.

The Michigan GOP also remains very clear that re-electing Whitmer to serve another four years in the governor’s mansion will lead to disaster for the Wolverine State.

More Troubles Ahead for Whitmer

This week, the Michigan governor was blasted by Republicans for a series of inaccuracies she made in her recent State of the State Address. Michigan Republicans argued that Whitmer failed to paint an accurate image of what’s happening in the state.

Furthermore, the Democrat governor has been blasted for failure to repeal the pension tax as she promised, along with her support for President Biden and his policies.

Michigan Republicans are furthermore pointing to data showing that only 41% of state residents want her to serve another term in office.

Time will tell whether or not the Michigan Republican Party is successful in getting Whitmer out of their state’s governor’s mansion. At this time, Whitmer appears to be trying to put a distance between herself and some of the deepest controversies surrounding her leadership.

Michigan’s last Republican governor was Rick Snyder who left office in 2018. Judging from what the Wolverine State’s been forced to endure under a Democrat, the state could very well flip red again.

What do you think about the backlash that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is facing as she’s up for re-election? Do you believe Michigan Republicans will succeed in getting her voted out of office? In the comments area, let us know where you stand.