Middle School Lands in Trouble For Inappropriate Activity

These days, many Americans are rightfully concerned about what their kids are being exposed to while in schools.

For a while, going to school was simple. Children learned about the necessary topics without political agendas and ideologies being added to the equation. Though this has rapidly changed over the past several years.

Many schools have opted for not just adding politics into education, but they also began forcing kids to wear face masks, keeping certain lesson plans away from parents, etc.

However, one middle school in Washington state is under fire for a particularly gross game that it chose to object kids to, per Fox News.

Desert Hills Middle School Takes Heat

For reasons that remain unclear to much of the country, Desert Hills Middle School in Washington determined that having kids compete with one another by licking cream off plexiglass was a good idea.

It goes without saying that this is gross, unsanitary, and could potentially put the participating kids at risk of various infections. The footage of this licking game has gone viral online with people sharing their repulsion and disgust.

The footage also shows that even some of the students at the Washington state middle school were calling out this game as gross.

Time For Some Accountability

It goes without saying that when parents send their kids off to school, they are trusting the faculty members at said school to keep their kids safe. At Desert Hills Middle School, the adults in charge clearly dropped the ball.

Now, many Americans are stating those who allowed the licking game ought to be fired from their jobs. There are also talks of potential lawsuits that could be brought against the Washington state school itself.

In the meantime, this is yet another strike against the public education system that more parents are growing disillusioned with.