Mike Pence Set to Speak at New Conservative Events

Former Trump administration officials are doing fairly well following their tenures in the White House. Some have gone on to work for companies like Fox News; others took up jobs with tech companies or otherwise found something else to do. 

In the case of former Vice President Mike Pence, he’s been quite busy. Pence works with conservative organizations such as the Heritage Foundation; moreover, the former vice president is participating in various speaking engagements and making appearances. 

For a while, Pence kept somewhat of a low profile after departing from the White House. However, in recent weeks and months, the former vice president has become much more visible and engaged.

New reports from Fox News show that Pence will be participating in multiple conservative events in Iowa. 

Upcoming Appearances from Mike Pence

Next month, the former vice president will be spending a fair amount of time in Iowa. On July 16, Pence is set to deliver remarks for a fundraiser backing Iowa GOP Rep. Randy Feenstra.

Then, on the same day, the former vice president will speak at Iowa’s Family Leadership Summit. This particular summit just so happens to be oriented around the Christian faith. Other conservatives set to share remarks at the Family Leadership Summit include South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Mike Pompeo, and others. 

Earlier this month, Pence made a public appearance in New Hampshire. This preceded a speaking event he attended in South Carolina back in April. 

In the weeks ahead, Americans should expect more appearances from the former vice president. 

Mike Pence 2024? 

Amid Pence’s various public appearances, some Americans are questioning whether or not the former vice president will run for the White House in the 2024 election. 

Pence has not alluded to a presidential run; however, it is entirely plausible that the former vice president could make a run for the Oval Office. Pence’s name has come up on the list of candidates who Republican voters would possibly consider as a 2024 GOP nominee.

Of course, there is also the question of whether or not Trump will seek the White House again during the next election cycle. The former president has not confirmed yet his decision to run or not run; however, should Trump pursue the White House again, it begs to question whether or not he’d still want Pence as his vice president. 

At this time, it is too earlier to determine whether or not Pence (or Trump, for that matter) will run in the 2024 presidential election. New facts and details about that will emerge as time passes. 

Do you think Mike Pence is gearing up for a presidential run in the 2024 election? Let us know your thoughts about the former vice president’s latest public appearances down below in the comments section.