Mike Pence to Campaign in Virginia Ahead of State’s Gubernatorial Election

In Virginia, there’s a tense gubernatorial election in the works. Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin is neck in neck with Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe. Polls show both Youngkin and McAuliffe at 46% each.

For over a decade, Democrats have enjoyed victories in Virginia. However, judging from the currently tight polls, President Biden’s low approval ratings could be rubbing off on McAuliffe’s campaign.

Therefore, it may be harder for Democrats to keep the winning streak they’ve had in the state. The left, meanwhile, is pulling out all the stops to get McAuliffe elected. Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and other leftists are campaigning for the Democrat candidate.

However, Youngkin also has some real momentum behind him and there’s a very real chance he could become the next governor of Virginia. Later this week, former Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Virginia to deliver a speech on education, as Newsmax confirms.

A Closer Review of Pence’s Upcoming Speech in Virginia

This upcoming Thursday, the former vice president will be in Loudoun County. His upcoming speech will center around education, something that’s become a hot button issue in the Virginia gubernatorial election.

Democrat McAuliffe declared recently he doesn’t believe parents should have a say in what schools are teaching their children. However, the GOP’s Youngkin has a very different perspective, as do other conservatives and parents.

Youngkin is of the view parents should absolutely be able to communicate their thoughts, concerns, and issues with school boards. Moreover, the Republican gubernatorial candidate believes parents should be able to communicate without being branded as domestic terrorists.

Loudoun County, Virginia has come under fire for covering up the reported sexual assault of a female student at the hands of a male student who identified with the LGBTQ+ community. Democrats like Obama have dismissed these sorts of reports as overblown outrage over nothing.

Taking Youngkin Across the Finish Line

Many conservatives across the nation are hoping Pence’s speech will have a hand in getting Youngkin elected as the next governor of Virginia.

This would serve as a major win for the Republican Party. Furthermore, a Governor Youngkin would also be a win for parents, conservative values, and individual liberties. Right now, the Virginia gubernatorial election is precisely one week away.

Time will ultimately tell whether or not Youngkin is able to take this thing across the finish line and handily defeat Terry McAuliffe. This will be a tight race regardless and many Virginians have already cast their votes.

Do you think Mike Pence’s upcoming speech on education will play a role in Virginia flipping red? Do you think parents have the right to be involved in their children’s education? Let us know in the field for comments down below.