Minneapolis Business Owners Seek Solution to Damages Caused by Riots

"Saint Cloud Armory - Minnesota National" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Tony Webster

Rioting, destroying, and pillaging U.S. cities comes with a series of undesirable consequences for those communities.

When small businesses are ransacked, that puts the business owners and any employees linked to the businesses out of a job. When CVS stores and other pharmacies are looted, this means that certain members of the community may have to look elsewhere to get prescriptions filled or pick up essentials.


Americans in Democrat-run cities are feeling the pain of the aftermath that follows the destruction of their communities.

According to Fox News, business owners in the Democrat-run locality of Minneapolis are looking to work with the city before pursuing legal action due to the harm their businesses absorbed from riots and violent demonstrations.

The Plight of Minneapolis Small Business Owners

Right now, multiple business owners are threatening to sue Democrat Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey for negligence. However, before situations arrive at the level, the Minneapolis small business owners are hoping to meet with both Mayor Frey and the individuals who comprise the Minneapolis city council.

During this meeting, these entrepreneurs wish to express their concerns and furthermore reach an agreement that doesn’t involve “initiating litigation,” if at all possible. Minneapolis small business owners also have concerns that certain barriers in the city attract crime.

Ultimately, this is impacting the city’s entrepreneurs, seeing as both “financial hardships” from damages and customers’ concerns about their safety are collectively hurting businesses and the community.

If Minneapolis leaders decline a meeting with the city’s small business owners, then a lawsuit is virtually imminent.

A Pattern in Democrat-controlled Cities

Communities run by Democrats are seeing similar patterns when it comes to riots and the destructive aftermath.

Affected small businesses in certain communities have stopped trying to rebuild altogether; some have decided that rebuilding is not worth it when all their hard work could, once again, be ripped down during the next riot.

Like the Minneapolis small business owners who may sue the city, other Americans in Democrat-run communities are looking to their leaders for accountability. Riots and violent demonstrations are not peaceful protests; they threaten people’s livelihoods, safety, and overall morale.

Thus far, neither the Minneapolis mayor nor the city council members have indicated any plans to meet with the disaffected, hurting small business owners in their community.

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