“Minor Attracted Persons” Advocate Now Hired By Johns Hopkins University

Over the past few years, there’s been a rise in a dangerous community known as “minor-attracted persons” (MAPs).

MAPs, aka, pedophiles, have a tendency to liken their sick attraction towards children to being just another sexuality, such as lesbianism or bisexuality. However, pedophilia is a mental illness and also directly puts children in serious danger.

Many MAPs have taken to social media, proudly proclaiming their attraction to children and saying they’re not ashamed of it.

This has led to a rise in the general public stressing the need for children to be protected from pedophiles and those who sympathize with them.

Last year, professor Allyn Walker was fired from Old Dominion University after a video of him advocating for MAPs went viral. According to Fox News, Walker has since been hired by Johns Hopkins University.

A Dangerous New Hire

The Moore Center for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse is a center of Johns Hopkins University. This week, Moore Center announced that Walker will be coming on board for postdoctoral fellow work, starting Wednesday, May 25.

Despite his open advocacy for pedophiles, Walker was lauded by the Moore Center for his “perpetration prevention research.”

The body also cited Walker’s previous work with Old Dominion University as a good fit for him to work against the sexual abuse of children, along with various prevention strategies.

More on Walker’s Support For MAPs

The professor lost his previous job after stating that people should use the term “minor-attracted person,” rather than “pedophile.” Walker went to great lengths, saying there shouldn’t even be a stigma against adults who are attracted to children.

This disturbed many people last year. However, the idea that Johns Hopkins University would still hire this individual, especially in a role involving child sex abuse prevention is highly disturbing to many folks.

An overwhelming view is that someone with Walker’s position on pedophilia should not be involved with any kind of work that pertains to children, let alone the sexual abuse of children.

At this time, it remains unclear why Johns Hopkins chose to hire this person for this specific role in light of his documented support for “minor-attracted persons.”

Parents everywhere are being advised to protect their kids as much as possible. Referring to pedophiles as “minor attached persons” doesn’t make them any less dangerous or predatory to children.

Children are not capable of consenting to any sort of sexual activity, regardless of how pedophiles or their sympathizers try to reframe things.

Are you surprised that Johns Hopkins University hired someone who is openly supportive of pedophiles to work on the prevention of child sexual abuse? Please don’t hesitate to share your concerns and thoughts about this in the comments section below.