Mitch McConnell Under Fire Amid January 6 Commentary

There are many folks across America who aren’t pleased that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was granted access to the footage from January 6.

This footage shows what really happened when Trump supporters entered the Capitol. It especially gives insight into various claims that have been made about the infamous event that took place over two years ago.

Nevertheless, Democrats (and a few others) are enraged over Carlson having this video content and sharing it with his viewers. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer even went so far as to say that if Fox News doesn’t prohibit Carlson from airing more of this footage on his show, democracy itself will hang in the balance.

In an interesting twist, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also criticized the release of the January 6 footage. Though McConnell’s talking points aren’t being very well-received, as reported by WND.

Backlash Against McConnell

In remarks before the press, the Senate Minority Leader opined that Fox News was “mistaken” to turn January 6 into something different than what Capitol Police have claimed it was.

However, the problem with this line of thinking is that the footage itself contradicts mainstream narratives about January 6. Hence, there’s nothing for Fox News to “depict” when the video footage is right there for all to see.

Regardless, various Democratic media sources have since picked up McConnell’s remarks, using them as ammunition to attack Fox News, Tucker Carlson, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. After all, McCarthy is the one who granted Carlson access to the aforementioned footage of January 6.

Republicans who disagree with McConnell’s remarks about this video content have accused him of being a “RINO” and an overall disgrace to the conservative movement.

Tucker Carlson Responds

Amid the backlash, Tucker Carlson had a few choice words for McConnell, Schumer, and others who have spoken out against the footage from January 6 being publicized.

On his Fox News show, Carlson pointed out that DC elites across the political spectrum had a vested interest in keeping Americans from witnessing what really took place on January 6.

Furthermore, Carlson warned that as the mainstream narrative about the events at the Capitol falls apart, those in power who don’t want the truth to come out are succumbing to hysteria, fear, and panic.

Meanwhile, the American people are very much interested in getting an even closer look at raw, candid footage of what really transpired on January 6. Carlson is likewise anticipated to release even more videos in the days ahead.

What do you think about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s reaction to the American people getting to view candid footage from January 6? Do you believe Tucker Carlson’s warnings about the DC elite are correct? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section.