More Americans Trust Republicans Than Democrats to Handle Education

When it comes to education in the United States, the Democrat Party has completely shot itself in the foot.

Democrats are on record supporting mask mandates in schools, despite numerous objections from parents.

The leftist viewpoint on this matter asserts that parents don’t have a right to determine whether their kids are wearing masks for six to eight hour a day.

The same thing also applies to critical race theory. Many parents don’t want their kids being taught that their skin color automatically makes them either victimized or oppressed.

However, one of the final nails in Democrats’ coffin has been them coming out and saying that parents aren’t the clients of public schools, but rather “communities” are the client.

In light of the cavalier disposition Democrats have shown towards parents and parents’ rights to have a say in what their kids are learning, data from a new poll is out.

This data shows Republicans are favored over Democrats when it comes to education in America, as documented by Breitbart News.

What Americans Think About Education

According to a poll run by Rasmussen Reports, 43% of Americans trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle education in the United States.

By contrast, only 36% told Rasmussen Reports they believe Democrats are better equipped than Republicans to manage American education.

Amongst only female voters in America, 42% favored Republicans over Democrats. Just 34% of women voters told Rasmussen Reports that Democrats are best suited to handle education.

At this point, the writing on the wall couldn’t be any clearer. Democrats are losing the debate on education.

Saying only “the community” matters when it comes to education is not a comforting message to parents who care about the lives and futures their children. As we all know, the quality of a child’s education plays a drastic role in how they fare in life.

Bringing Parents Back into the Conversation

Education was a huge factor in the Virginia governor’s election last year.

Current Governor Glenn Youngkin won in a state that was controlled by Democrats for more than one decade because he centered his campaign on education, a topic of significant importance to voters in the commonwealth.

Republicans have to continue speaking to the heart of issues that matter to the American people. Education is a big one and it’s also playing a role in why GOP candidates are projected to win the midterm elections.

Parents have a right to be involved in their kids’ education, say no to critical race theory, and reject the demand for their children to wear masks day in and day out.

If Democrats keep trying to freeze parents out of the education of their own kids, Democrats are going to keep losing support, voters, and elections.

What do you think about this latest poll regarding education in America? Be sure to let us know in the comments area.