More Crime Grips San Francisco

San Francisco is in pretty rough shape these days. Crime continues to be a very serious problem that has yet to be fixed by those in charge.

Democrats, at times, have spoken out against lawlessness and brazen criminal acts. Yet, their policies enable people to attack others and destroy property with very few consequences.

San Francisco also played into defunding the police, a measure that’s brought about disaster in every single community that tried it.

Now, the deeply blue city is at the epicenter of yet another miscarriage of justice, according to Hot Air.

This is a Nightmare

Don Carmignani, the former fire commissioner of San Francisco, was brutally battered by a homeless person wielding a crowbar. It’s unclear what provoked this vicious attack. Nevertheless, Carmignani was in very bad shape afterward and had to get serious medical treatment.

He suffered a broken jaw, a hole in his skull, and deep wounds that required dozens of stitches.

Despite the severity of this attack, the homeless man is not being charged.

The district attorney of San Francisco somehow came to the conclusion that the homeless man was engaging in self-defense, despite the video of Carmignani being attacked showing otherwise.

Bad News For the Public

If someone can get away with viciously beating another person with a crowbar and not have to face any charges for it, then other folks are more likely to engage in his behavior. After all, what’s stopping them?

The San Francisco district attorney just set a very bad and dangerous precedent. The homeless attacker may very well feel emboldened to hurt other people whenever he pleases.

Likewise, it sends a message that in San Francisco, anything goes, while offenders have a decent chance of not having to legally answer for what they’ve done. Cases like this are all the more reason why more Americans are fleeing blue cities.