More Flights Cancelled Post-Christmas

The evening before Christmas Eve, word quickly spread about airlines cancelling hundreds of flights. For many Americans planning to take these flights to spend the holidays with their loved one, this news was very poorly-received.

Stories of flight cancellations persisted throughout Christmas Day. These ongoing cancellations furthermore ensured that people could not get to their intended destinations.

Many people who have been impacted by airlines shutting down flights have taken to social media to express their frustrations; however, these problems could very well be just getting started.

According to Fox Business, flight cancellations are not stopping, even with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day having passed. These cancellations persist with seemingly no clear end in sight.

A Closer Look at Post-Christmas Flight Cancellations

On Sunday, the day after Christmas, more than 1,000 flights were cancelled across various airlines. Alaska, American, JetBlue, United, and Delta each confirmed they shut down hundreds of flights travelers planned to take.

Thus far, airlines are claiming that ongoing flight cancellations boil down to omicron, weather problems, and shortages in staffing. It’s also worth noting that a series of flights have been delayed as well; although, all things considered, this is far from a big deal.

Some airlines have stated today may bring more flight cancellations. Airlines also failed to rule out possible flight cancellations later this week, or even beyond.

At this time, airlines have been calling for the government to reduce the amount of time individuals are required to go into quarantine once they either test positive for COVID or suffer exposure to the virus.

Trouble Ahead for the New Year?

With mass flight cancellations before, during, and after Christmas, it begs to question what could be coming next during the New Year. Many people will be traveling during that time as well, especially coming back from previous trips.

Whether or not airlines are forced to cancel flights during that time remains to be seen. However, if these companies make a habit of routinely cancelling hundreds of flights per airline, it could have negative impacts on the travel industry.

Some people may determine that air travel is too unreliable and therefore look for other means to get to their intended destinations. Already, earlier this year, airlines had issues with having to shut down various flights.

2022 will be an interesting year, both with air travel and in other aspects of life. However, if airlines are not able to get things together, there may be more troubles awaiting for them in the new year.

What do you think about the mass flight cancellations taking place during this holiday season? Do you think issues with flights will continue into the new year? Let us know your predictions below in the comments area.