More Gun Owners Are Seeing Weapons Stolen From Their Vehicles

When the Biden administration took over the White House, it began declaring open season on gun rights.

Right now, the president is pushing Congress to pass a slew of federal gun policies that will only restrict the conduct of law-abiding citizens, while letting criminals get the upper hand.

Biden’s lied about so-called ghost guns, ammunition, and handguns. The president is on record, falsely saying that pistols are “weapons of war” and capable of holding dozens of live rounds.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s long-term agenda of ending gun ownership is now overlapping with documented crime upticks, per The Hill.

Growing Theft of Firearms Stored in Vehicles

Data from Everytown for Gun Safety was released on Monday and shows a rampant uptick in people’s guns being taken from their vehicles.

This trend has unfortunately become more common over the past ten years. To this very day, theft of firearms from cars is now the most typical way in which they’re taken.

States where gun thefts from vehicles remain prevalent include Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennesee.

Of course, as a pro-gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety is arguing that more laws need to be put on the books to stop these thefts.

It hasn’t occurred to this group that crime itself may just be the problem, rather than the firearms themselves. Yet, it’s common for the political left to use instances such as this to get access to Americans’ guns and self-protection rights.

Crime, the Underlying Culprit

What gun control groups fail to understand is this: when there are upticks in people proceeding to break into cars and steal firearms, the problem lies with the theft, not with the guns.

In America today, crime is up because Democrats made it so. They rolled back funding for the various police departments spanning across America.

Likewise, Democrats decided that ending bail for offenders and letting prisoners out of lockdown was a good idea. In light of these policies, it makes sense that theft and other offenses are higher than they’ve even been.

On the bright side, however, more and more states are passing constitutional carry laws into effect. This means people will be able to carry their guns on their person without having to rely on car storage.

At the rate things are going in the country with crime and insanity on the rise, codifying and protecting Second Amendment rights will save a lot of lives.

Criminals are never going to just quit what they’re doing. Therefore, the nation needs to take even greater steps to solidify the right to bear arms.

What are your thoughts about the rise of guns being stolen from their owners’ vehicles? Let us know what you believe comes next in the comments area.