More Than 9 in 10 Americans Think USA is Doing Poorly Under Biden

Things continue getting progressively worse the longer Biden is in office. Biden started off his presidency with a slew of executive orders that undid great policies from the Trump administration. Then, Biden continued by ruining the economy with one poor fiscal decision after the other.

Not long after that, Biden created one of the worst foreign policy disasters in international history. The 46th president’s actions engendered the Taliban’s return to power. Meanwhile, Biden carelessly and cruelly left Americans stranded in Afghanistan, just so he could keep a deal he made with the Taliban.

Earlier this week, Biden stood in the White House and gave a ridiculous speech before the nation. The president snarled and snapped at conservative governors and unvaccinated Americans, showing more indignation towards these groups than towards the Taliban terrorists.

In new developments, however, a new poll shows mounting disapproval with the leadership in the White House, as Breitbart News confirms.

The CNN Poll on Biden’s Performance

CNN is very well known as a leftist news outlet. They routinely bend facts and push narratives to paint Democrats in the best possible light. Therefore, it speaks volumes when even CNN of all publications is shining a light on Biden’s failures as president.

According to a new poll released by CNN, only 2% of Americans stated that America is doing “very well” right now. Meanwhile, a whopping 45% said the United States is doing “pretty bad” with Biden in office.

Additional data from the aforementioned poll indicates that strong majorities of Americans are also worried about crime, coronavirus, and the economy. More than seven in ten Americans likewise expressed an interest in bringing illegal immigration to a halt.

This most recent CNN poll on Biden’s performance comes as the president’s approval rating dropped to a measly 39% in another survey. It is not an overstatement to say that Biden’s time in office just keeps getting worse.

Progressively Worse Poll Numbers

Ever since April, Biden’s poll numbers have been getting progressively worse. Recently, surveys have shown even a modest decline in left-wing support for Biden. The data doesn’t lie; yet, Biden still remains oblivious.

Biden’s latest push to force private businesses across the nation to mandate the COVID vaccine for their workers is not going over well. Conservatives and Republicans throughout the country are preparing to fight it legally; others have stated that what Biden’s attempting to do with this latest mandate will not hold up.

The sooner Biden is out of office, the better. Even CNN is starting to acknowledge this in various forms.

What do you think about this latest poll on Biden’s performance as president? We want to get your thoughts about all of this below in the section for comments.

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