Most Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Reaction to Russia Invading Ukraine

Joe Biden has completely embarrassed the United States in regards to his management of various geopolitical affairs. Biden dropped the ball regarding his handling of Afghanistan last year, and now, he’s doing the same thing when it comes to Putin and Russia.

The Russian government has made it clear in very straightforward terms that they couldn’t care less about Biden hitting their country with sanctions. However, sanctions are all that Biden continues to talk about, even as Russia’s attacked Ukraine.

As the world observes Biden’s weakness and inability to stand up to Putin, there’s a very likely chance that China will follow in Russia’s footsteps.

This means the Chinese government may very well bring strikes against Taiwan, knowing that Biden won’t do anything serious to stop it.

In any event, a new poll is out regarding Biden’s management of the Russia-Ukraine situation; needless to say, the majority of the country is not thrilled with Biden’s response, according to Newsmax.

What Americans Really Think of Biden

According to a Fox News poll that came out days ago, 56% of Americans are of the view that Biden’s response to the Russian government is not as strong as it should be.

72% of Republicans, 52% of Independents, and even 42% of Democrats hold this view. Meanwhile, 58% of Americans disapprove of how the sitting president has gone about handling foreign policy.

Outside of the polls, Bdien’s taken a lot of heat for his apparent refusal to stand up to Putin. This week, the president declared that sanctions against Russia were never meant to deter attacks against Ukraine.

However, this directly goes against what his own vice president stated merely days ago. On the matter of sanctions against Russia, Vice President Harris expressly declared the purpose of sanctions was deterrence.

From a logical standpoint, it also remains unclear why the United States would levy sanctions against Russia if not to stop Russia from attacking Ukraine.

Objectively, Biden’s claim about sanctions not being meant to deter attacks against Ukraine just doesn’t make sense.

Still Putting America Last

Putin’s made it more than plain that he doesn’t care at all about sanctions from the American government. However, even Biden’s sanctions against Russia are very weak-kneed.

The sanctions don’t even begin to touch critical Russian resources, such as oil and gas. Now, the White House claims that these sanctions would increase what Americans have to pay here at home for gas.

However, if Biden stopped attacking domestic energy production, reinstated Keystone Pipeline, and permitted federal land drilling, the costs of oil and gas would significantly decrease in the United States.

Nothing the Biden administration is doing makes an iota of sense.

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