Most Americans Dislike Biden’s Handling of COVID

As so many Americans are painfully aware of, Biden’s leadership has entailed a string of consecutive nightmares.

The first sign that Biden would be horrible as president arrived when he butchered 11,000 Keystone Pipeline jobs in order to please radical environmentalists. Then, his administration lied and claimed these jobs would be replaced by “green jobs” that have yet to appear.

Next came the undoing of commonsense immigration policies, the destructive withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a series of other issues.

When Biden was running for president, he claimed that he would get rid of COVID and not push for COVID vaccine mandates. However, both of these claims were lies.

COVID is overflowing under Biden’s leadership; moreover, his mandates, which did nothing to stop the spread, were thankfully struck down by the Supreme Court and a federal judge based in Texas.

As Biden’s failures continue to multiply across the board, a new poll shows that most Americans now disapprove of his response to the virus, per Breitbart News.

The Truth from CNN

Despite CNN’s reputation of shilling for Democrats and going after Republicans whenever possible, a new poll from the network on Biden’s response to COVID speaks volumes.

Per CNN’s findings, a grand 54% of Americans do not approve of how Biden’s chosen to manage COVID. Only 45% of US citizens told CNN they favor the president’s handling of this virus.

This data marks a significant and literal flip from where Americans stood on this issue back in December 2021. Back then, 54% of the country actually approved of how Biden was dealing with COVID, while only 45% disapproved.

Furthermore, CNN revealed new information. Nearly a year ago, in March 2021, only 30% of the nation doubted Biden’s capacity to get Americans past COVID. Meanwhile, in present-day, 46% of the country now doubts the president’s abilities in this regard.

No Stronger Message

The rise in Americans who doubt Biden’s ability to get the country past COVID and also doubt how he’s handling the virus altogether truly says it all.

Biden’s lost the confidence of the nation. He’s pushed heavy-handed mandates and threatened anyone who dissents with the loss of their jobs. Republicans standing up to Biden and getting his mandates tossed is the only reason why they’re not in effect today.

At this point, Biden’s time in the White House might as well be the poster child for why Democrats shouldn’t be anywhere near power, least of all a power monopoly over the US federal government.

Across the world, countless people are standing up against COVID mandates and saying, ‘no more.’

What do you think about Joe Biden’s leadership when it comes to the manners in which he’s chosen to handle COVID? Let us know where you stand in the comments area.