Most Americans Don’t Believe Biden Will Seek Re-election in 2024

Biden’s time as president is continuing to engender rising levels of backlash as more Americans suffer from his policies.

Between expensive prices for gas, inflation, labor shortages, supply chain delays, and more, life is rough for a lot of Americans across the country.

Meanwhile, all that’s coming from the White House are attacks against Republicans and assertions that Russia’s president is now to blame for America’s economic problems.

Last year, Biden and the White House confirmed on numerous occasions his plans to seek re-election. However, according to a newly-released survey, the majority of Americans aren’t banking on Biden running in 2024, per Breitbart News.

The Prevailing Perception of Biden’s Re-election Plans

According to Tuesday’s release of a poll from the Wall Street Journal, 52% of the American populace believes Biden will actually sit out the 2024 presidential election.

By contrast, merely 29% of Americans say the president actually will see through his plans of a re-election run. The leftover 19% admitted their lack of certainty about what decision Biden would make by the time 2024 rolls around.

According to sources the Wall Street Journal references, Biden personally is not completely decided on whether to seek another term, despite publicly claiming otherwise.

The Wall Street Journal claims what will truly sway Biden’s 2024 decision is the result of the midterms. Right now, the midterms are heavily projected to go in the favor of the Republican Party.

This would make Biden virtually incapable of getting anything passed through Congress for the remainder of his presidency.

Likewise, the president is already on record publicly declaring that if Democrats lose the midterms, the outcome will be a “very sad” period for the country.

Will Biden Make It to 2024?

As much of the country doesn’t expect Biden to pursue a second presidential term, there are still ongoing debates about whether he’ll be able to finish his current tenure.

Since being in the White House, Biden has repeatedly stumbled his way through various speeches, announcements, and other public remarks. For example, it’s not uncommon for this president to confuse names, dates, words, people, and various positions.

As Biden’s anti-energy reforms and foreign policy approaches continue to reap negative consequences for the nation, calls for his impeachment are rising.

In fact, if Republicans do regain the House and Senate after November, the odds of impeachment and conviction of Biden get exponentially higher than they are now.

When it’s all said and done, time itself will be the greatest indicator of whether Biden runs for re-election or even manages to complete his first term as president.

Do you think Biden is going to run for another White House term in 2024? Will he complete his current term? In the comments feed below, we’re interested in reading about your prognoses.