Most Americans Now Fear a Recession

Bad fiscal policies have horrible consequences.

Some of these horrible consequences have been underway for quite some time now, in the forms of lower wages, higher prices, low consumer confidence levels, disappointing jobs reports, and more.

Biden came into office vowing to “Build Back Better.” However, in reality, this is laughable. This president hasn’t built back anything better; however, he’s made the economy increasingly more volatile, while pricing everyday Americans out of economic security.

As the 46th president continues to make various bad calls on the nation’s economy, most of the country is fearful of a recession, as documented by Newsmax.

A Recession on Biden’s Watch

According to a new poll conducted by McLaughlin, 57% of the American people today hold the belief that the country is currently going through a recession.

In another harrowing update, 63% of the American populace believes the economy is going to reach an even worse state than it’s currently in now.

Art Laffer, an economist who worked for the Reagan administration, has personally weighed in with some thoughts of his own. According to Laffer, the ongoing out-of-control inflation poses very real problems for where the US economy could end up in the next year.

The economist warned that America could likewise be looking down the barrel of a “slowdown” which certainly wouldn’t do anyone any favors.

Make or Break Midterm Elections

In November, America has a series of political races coming up that will impact the power balance in both bodies of Congress.

All things considered, it very much appears as though these midterm elections will be make or break for the United States. Remember, Biden’s bad policies that set in motion current economic problems were only made possible because Democrats control the House and the Senate.

Therefore, if Republicans are able to win back this control, Biden won’t have the support to get various legislation passed through Congress anymore.

For what it’s worth, polling has consistently shown that Republicans are well on track to handily winning the midterms. Biden’s low approval ratings, on the other hand, are weighing down many Democrats with elections happening this year.

After 2020 and 2021, the last thing the United States needs is a recession and more economic turmoil. At this time, it appears that everything, including the future of America, is riding on the power balance in Congress after the November elections.

Biden, meanwhile, seems to believe that everything is fine and dandy on his watch.

Do you believe the United States is presently in a recession? What are your views about the midterm elections and how they’ll impact the direction of the economy and the direction of the United States at large? In the comments area, please let us know.