Most Americans Oppose Biden’s Social Spending Legislation

For months at this point, Biden’s been working as hard as he can to get his Build Back Better plan enacted into law. To make this happen, he needs Congress to pass the agenda and then get it on his desk for a signature.

Thus far, the president is repeatedly banging his head on the wall regarding this matter. Democrats dominate the House and the Senate; however, they are still not able to see eye to eye on this agenda.

Biden had declared Build Back Better will largely impact his term as president and the trajectory of Congress, come 2022. However, even this isn’t enough to get Democrats to pass his plan.

Now, even more bad news has arrived for the president. Almost six out of ten Americans oppose Biden’s social spending plan, as Breitbart News confirms.

An Unpopular Agenda

The White House has done all it can to tell the country Build Back Better is a popular agenda; however, the feedback from the American public strongly shows the White House isn’t paying attention.

According to a poll by Harvard-Harris, 58% of Americans oppose Biden’s social spending bill. By contrast, only 42% of Americans favor the legislation. This is not good news for the president at all; however, it is in keeping with other polls documenting the low job approval ratings of this president.

More details from Harvard-Harris also revealed 56% of Americans believe Biden’s plan will engender more inflation in the United States. Only 20% said the president’s social spending legislation will lead to less inflation in America.

The bottom line is very clear. By and in large, the American public does not want Biden’s agenda to pass. They do not believe it will have positive impacts on the economy or the nation at large.

Unfortunately, the current president is not getting the message. He remains wildly out of touch with where the country stands on his public policy choices.

America in Crisis Under Biden

Sadly, the massive unpopularity of Biden’s policies (and his insistence upon sticking with these policies regardless) is plunging America into crisis.

The social spending legislation Biden wants to be passed would have terrible impacts on the economy. It would raise taxes and worsen the already existing supply chain crisis. “Build Back Better” doesn’t rebuild anything; it merely codifies communism at the level of the federal government.

It is high time for this president to be stopped. What he’s doing to this country is increasingly dangerous. Everyone must take a stand and refuse to go along with the horrible public policy that Biden’s pushing and using to rip America to shreds.

Why do you think Joe Biden’s social spending bill is so unpopular with the American people? Let us get some insight into your views below.