Most Democrats Don’t Think Biden Will Finish His First Term

It is no secret that Joe Biden is not well. This is as plain as day, despite how much Democrats would like to hide this. Lately, Biden’s been going around and coughing up a storm while speaking, prompting people to question what’s wrong with him.

In real time, Biden is also in the middle of trying to force through an unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate upon American businesses. Thankfully, Republicans are pushing back against this, explaining that Biden’s mandate will never hold up in court.

The GOP attorney general of Arizona has already sued Biden. Once his COVID vaccine mandate officially begins, the Republican National Committee and GOP governors will be suing Biden too. 24 states in America have expressed their decision to sue Biden over this.

Now, a fresh public survey is showing that most voters don’t believe the current president will finish up his first term, as documented by Townhall.

Most Voters on the Likelihood of Harris Becoming President

A McLaughlin & Associates poll is very clear about what the majority of the nation thinks about the likelihood of Biden being unable to complete his term as president. 58% of voters admitted that it’s likely Vice President Harris will replace Biden as president before 2024.

Interestingly enough, this is a view that’s not intrinsically linked to partisanship. Even 52% of Democrats, Biden’s key voting base, believe it’s likely Harris will become president before Biden’s term is over.

In the eight months that Biden’s been president, he’s shown continued signs of decline. Lately, he’s been coughing up a storm whenever he gives press conferences. At one press conference about Afghanistan, Biden literally bent over and placed his head in his hands while being questioned by a Fox News reporter.

All of this comes on top of Biden letting it slip that he’s not “supposed” to take uncensored questions from the media. Lately, the Democrat president has also been getting his mic cut off by the White House.

An Empty Suit of a President

At this point, it’s becoming rapidly apparent to America that Joe Biden is the empty suit president. Even Democrats and members of Biden’s own White House know it. This is why Democrats are doing all they can to stop the president from doing damage to their party.

Biden’s approval ratings have been tanking for months on end. This decline worsened significantly after Biden left Americans stranded in Afghanistan and then claimed the debacle was a success.

The president later twisted the knife by completely disrespecting the families of servicemembers who died because of his horrible withdrawal. Only time will reveal how much longer Biden is able to make it as president.

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