Most Independent Voters are Ready for Fauci to Exit Stage Left

Since the inception of coronavirus, Dr. Tony Fauci has been regarded as the point person to look to for references and answers. Despite Fauci’s background in infectious diseases, he’s repeatedly been mistaken about a number of aspects regarding this virus.

To make matters even worse, Fauci’s flip-flopped in his guidance and even been tied to gain-of-function research funding, along with inhumane experiments involving puppies getting eaten alive by insects.

Conservatives have been highly critical of Fauci in light of these details. Nevertheless, Fauci is a heralded figure on the left, with many Democrats routinely singing his praises.

However, when it comes to Independent voters in America, Fauci isn’t doing so well. In fact, a new poll shows that most Independent voters are more than ready for Fauci to step down altogether, as Breitbart News covers.

What Independent Voters Really Think of Fauci

This week, a poll by the Convention of States/Trafalgar Group revealed that Independents have largely had their share of the infectious diseases “expert.”

According to the data, 58.9% want Fauci to go into retirement. This new turn from almost six in ten Independents comes after myriad scandals, issues, and contradictions surrounding Fauci.

Aside from the morally reprehensible research projects he’s funded, and in addition to flip-flopping on face coverings, Fauci is now saying that Americans may need another round of COVID boosters.

This little tidbit of new information from Fauci comes as the CDC has altered the definition of “fully vaccinated.” Going forward, individuals will only be recognized as “fully vaccinated” if they’ve gotten their booster shots on top of the initial COVID vaccines.

Mandates and More

Fauci’s emphatic support for various COVID mandates is another likely factor in most Independent voters wanting him to go away.

To this day, the infectious diseases “expert” has never once come across a single mandate that he didn’t like. In 2021, Fauci confirmed that he’d be all in for a COVID vaccine mandate for US domestic travelers.

By contrast, numerous Americans are frustrated with mandates and want them to go away. Regardless of how many people get vaccinated or boosted or wear masks, COVID doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Likewise, considerable people in the United States question why Fauci supports all these vaccine mandates when it’s been proven the COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent anyone from catching the virus or spreading it to other individuals.

When it comes to Fauci, there’s a lot of malaise. A good deal of Americans believe it’s time to let someone else take the floor when it comes to giving COVID feedback and guidance. Fauci is not the only scientist or individual with knowledge of infectious diseases.

Do you believe the time has come for Anthony Fauci to step down? In the comments feed below, let us know your thoughts.

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