Most Independent Voters Don’t Support Supreme Court Packing

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One of the biggest goals of the Democrat Party today is to pack the Supreme Court. Right now, six of the current nine Supreme Court justices are conservatives. Democrats don’t like not being in control; therefore, they are once again seeking to rig the game in their favor. 

Leftists were immediately met with backlash earlier this month when they introduced the Judiciary Act of 2021. This piece of legislation would add four new seats to the Supreme Court, seats that Democrats would be sure to fill with liberal, leftist justices. 

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Republicans are strongly against court-packing and now it turns out that Independent voters are too. According to Breitbart News, more than seven in ten Independents are against packing the Supreme Court. 

Independent Voters and the United States Supreme Court

According to a survey conducted by the Mason Dixon Polling and Strategy, 72% of Independent voters in the United States are not on board with packing the Supreme Court. The survey additionally found that 95% of Republicans share this outlook, while only one-third of Democrats are in the same boat. 

Therefore, Independent voters are of the mindset that President Biden should not get behind congressional Democrats’ work to add four new seats to the Supreme Court. When Democrats unleashed the Judiciary Act of 2021, they falsely accused Republicans of court-packing and described 13 Supreme Court seats as a “nice number.” 

The strong Independent opposition against court-packing largely unifies Independents with Republicans on this issue. It also shows that most Americans can see court-packing for the naked, leftist power grab that it is. Thus far, however, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has claimed that she won’t bring the court-packing legislation to the House floor. 

Time will tell, though. 

Putting an End to Partisan Power Grabs

The only way to cease the left’s partisan power grabs is to restore balance to the federal government. This means that Republicans must win back at least one chamber in Congress.

Democrats, with Biden in office, are emboldened by the fact that they currently have narrow control of the House and Senate; ultimately, this has only caused the left to become eager for even more power and desperate to get it no matter the costs. 

Are you surprised that more than seven in ten Independent voters are against packing the Supreme Court? What do you think this means for Democrats going forward? Let us get your take on this issue in the comments section below.