Most Voters Oppose Firing Americans For Not Getting Vaccinated

Earlier this month, President Biden declared that COVID vaccine mandates apply to any business with 100 workers or more. On multiple occasions throughout September, Biden’s spouted off with angry remarks against Americans who are not vaccinated against coronavirus.

Just earlier in the week, Americans learned the president is planning to dismiss Border Patrol agents if they fail to take the COVID vaccine by the time November 22 arrives. The one silver lining here is that Texas GOP Governor Abbott confirmed he’ll hire any Border Patrol agents who lose their jobs.

The White House wants Americans to think Biden’s ridiculous and illegal mandate is popular. However, Republicans are planning to sue over this mandate the moment it goes into action.

Furthermore, a fresh poll shows most Americans don’t believe people should get fired for not getting vaccinated against coronavirus, as Breitbart News documents.

The Polling on Firing Unvaccinated Workers

A poll run by Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group very clearly shows where most of the country stands on firing unvaccinated workers. 65% of Americans do not support this. This 65% is comprised of 83.5% of Republican voters, 63.6% of Independent voters, and even 47.9% of Democrat voters.

Right now, the nation is bracing for mass firings. Many businesses are saying if you’re not vaccinated against COVID, you have to lose your job. However, many workers are choosing to walk away, rather than bow down to this tyrannical mandate.

As some establishments struggle with staffing shortages or limited numbers of workers, not everyone is eager to fire the unvaccinated. Likewise, there are also some business owners who are pushing back against this mandate.

Earlier in September, the Job Creators Network (a small business community) noted they are going to join the many groups vowing legal action against this vaccine mandate. Republicans and other critics of mandates note that the small business community will especially be hit hard by what Biden’s trying to do.

Not a Sustainable Idea

Mass firings of Americans citizens is not sustainable. It’s important to note these firings come after months of businesses claiming they need workers and putting up hiring signs.

Some leaders, like the New York governor, are already talking about bringing in the National Guard to fill in certain vacancies; however, there is only so far this can go. At some point, if businesses continue firing all these people for not getting the COVID vaccine, it will hurt their establishments.

Once Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate officially starts, it will face lawsuits from the Republican National Committee, multiple GOP governors, and others. Defeating this mandate once and for all is imperative for the success and continuation of America.

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