Multiple Airlines Cutting Back on Flights

Over the past several months, air travel has seen some bumps in the road.

During the 2021 Christmas holiday season, many flights got cancelled or delayed. This happened during a wave of airline workers calling off the job, claiming to have omicron.

Then, this year started off with a series of bad weather episodes that led to new delays and cancellations of various flights. Travelers weren’t pleased about this at all. Meanwhile, airlines were left scrambling and trying to do damage control.

Unfortunately, all the kinks within the air travel industry have yet to be ironed out. According to Fox Business, two different airlines are now rolling back a plethora of flights.

Bad News for Travelers with Spirit and JetBlue Airlines

According to the two airlines, staffing issues are driving the cancellations and holdups with flights, as are poor weather conditions.

Between Friday to Sunday, Spirit Airlines shut down 311 flights, whereas JetBlue cancelled 486 flights during the same timeframe. To make matters worse, 934 Spirit Airlines flights and 1,556 JetBlue flights were also delayed.

The issues with these two airlines could likewise be potentially tied to future business plans. Reportedly, JetBlue is working to actually buy out Spirit Airlines. Though, for the time being, the companies remain separate.

In 2022 alone, JetBlue hired about 3,000 new workers; yet, somehow, the airline still remains short-staffed, per its own claims.

In light of these complications, JetBlue recently announced its choice to cut back on available flights starting this month and lasting throughout the summertime.

This move by JetBlue mirrors Alaska Airlines’ decision to roll back its quantity of flights, due to a lack of available air pilots.

Advisable Changes For Travelers

In light of certain airlines rolling back flights and suffering from massive cancellations and hold-ups, travelers may want to reconsider which companies they make arrangements with.

When it comes to different airline companies, there haven’t been many reports of companies like American, Delta, or even Southwest suffering from as many issues as JetBlue and Spirit Airlines.

Unfortunately, the latter two airlines have been blasted on social media by travelers who weren’t pleased with flights that were cancelled over the weekend.

Some travelers claimed JetBlue and/or Spirit failed to appropriately compensate them for the changes and inconvenience.

In some of the worst-case scenarios, certain travelers even claimed to be stuck in airports for days on end, having no way of getting to their intended destinations in a timely manner.

What are your thoughts about the massive problems facing JetBlue and Spirit Airlines? How much longer do you think these major issues with the air travel industry will continue to drag out?

In the comments area below, you’re more than welcome to share your views on these latest developments.