Nancy Pelosi is Going to Taiwan, Despite Threats From Communist China

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made headlines amid news of her plans to visit Taiwan. Pelosi’s planned visit to Taiwan comes as the Chinese government considers invading the nation, just as Russia did to Ukraine.

China believes that Taiwan belongs to it and needs to be “liberated.” Again, this attitude towards a smaller nation is identical to the justification Russian President Putin used when declaring war against Ukraine.

The Chinese regime quickly lashed out when learning of Pelosi’s plans to visit Taiwan. Chinese communists even went as far as threatening to shoot Pelosi’s plane out of the sky if she dared to go through with the trip.

Now, news has broken that Pelosi is going in spite of these threats, per Red State.

What to Know About Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan

Earlier this week, news broke that the House Speaker is going to visit Taipei, Taiwan amid her travels across Asia.

By Pelosi making Taiwan the first stop in her trip to Asia, she’s sending a clear message that China doesn’t get to dictate the United States or determine where US officials can or cannot travel.

In visiting Taiwan, the House Speaker is likewise showing support for the independence of the nation, something which infuriates Chinese communists.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan comes even after Biden himself tried to dissuade her from making the trip. Then again, the Biden family’s had longstanding business relationships with the Chinese.

Between the president selling off US oil reserves to the communist nation and more, some Americans have questioned whether or not the president and his family are personally beholden to China at all.

Growing Problems With China

China’s threats to down the plane of a US official visiting Taiwan aren’t the only issue America’s had with China as of late.

Various Chinese loyalists have been spying on America, infiltrating themselves into US programs/colleges, and even buying up US lands.

At the same time, the Biden administration continues to push widespread reliance on China by demanding for everyone to begin traveling with electric vehicles.

Because China is currently the primary supplier of various electric vehicle components, the transition that Biden’s pushing for would give the communist nation considerable control over the transit of everyday Americans.

China’s already kicking up a fuss amid news that Pelosi isn’t backing down from visiting Taiwan, notwithstanding their threats. Ultimately, it remains to be seen how the communist regime responds while Pelosi is in Taiwan and after she’s left.

Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi’s choice to visit Taiwan in spite of Chinese communists threatening to shoot her plane out of the sky during the visit? Be sure to share your views about this latest foreign policy situation in the comments area below.