NBC News Poll Shows Biden Severely Underwater

Joe Biden has gotten the country into quite a mess over the 14 months that he’s held the White House.

Gas prices are rivaling historic highs. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve announced last week that Americans will be forced to pay increasingly higher rates of interest until inflation has fallen to an acceptable low.

Not long after that announcement, Biden revealed Americans have food shortages to look forward to, thanks to the Ukraine vs. Russia war that’s been waging for over one month.

All of this, along with other disasters, comes against the backdrop of the president’s promises to “Build Back Better” and revitalize America’s soul.

Given that Biden’s presidency has entailed precisely the opposite of this, it’s not all that shocking a new poll has him underwater, as documented by Newsmax.

NBC News on Biden’s Current Approval Ratings

Bill McInturff, the pollster for NBC News, stated the newest findings show Biden and the Democrat Party are coming up on an election that’s going to be “catastrophic” for them.

At this time, a whopping 70% of the country has low confidence levels in Biden’s capability to handle the ongoing attack against Ukraine.

NBC News also showed that 71% of the American public doesn’t believe the nation is on the right track with Biden in office. By contrast, only one-third of Americans presently support how the president is dealing with the economy.

According to McInturff, Biden’s 55% disapproval rating is a sign that he’s losing support amongst his own base.

Mathematically speaking, the president’s disapproval wouldn’t stand at 55% if Republicans and a subsection of right-leaning Independents were the only ones who took issue with his leadership.

Saving America from Total Destruction

These newest findings by NBC News come as America’s midterm elections are only months away.

At the end of the day, these midterms are going to play a very important role in the direction America goes. They’ll determine whether or not Biden is able to continue passing legislation that’s hurting the public.

If Republicans are able to regain the House and Senate, there’s also a high possibility that impeachment proceedings against Biden will commence.

Between Biden’s refusal to end the chaos on the southern border, his dereliction of duty in Afghanistan, and his current management of the Ukraine/Russia conflict, many Republicans believe grounds for Biden’s impeachment and removal already exist.

The president made it clear he wants his party to stay in power and keep both chambers of Congress. For the sake of America, this should not take place.

Thankfully, polling shows that more Americans want the GOP to take Congress, rather than having Democrats keep their current majorities.

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