Nearly 60% of Democrats Oppose Biden Being the 2024 Nominee

Joe Biden’s poll numbers continue to get progressively worse and worse. This has been the pattern for this president for quite some time, owing to his haphazard leadership and destructive policies.

Even Democrats (Biden’s own base) are growing disillusioned with him. Recent polling out of California showed the state’s governor has more support than Biden from residents to become the 2024 nominee.

The White House remains insistent that Biden’s going to run for office again in 2024. However, this is something that growing numbers of his own party are opposing.

Now, The Hill reports that nearly six out of ten Democrats are antipathetic to Biden going for a second term once 2024 arrives.

Gloomy News For Biden’s 2024 Plans

In a poll run by USA Today-Ipsos, 56% of Democrats said it would be best for Biden to sit out the next presidential election.

Within the past several months, Democrats have been making their opposition to a Biden 2024 candidacy known. When left-wing lawmakers are asked if they’ll support the current president during the next election cycle, they often dodge the question.

Answers that fall along the lines of “let’s cross that bridge when we get to it” are common. However, this doesn’t bode well. Generally, the lawmakers of a president who’s eligible for a second term don’t hesitate to give their endorsements accordingly.

In various op-eds from Democrats who don’t want Biden running, they’ve clearly laid out the reasons why. To these officials, Biden is ineffective, too old, and simply not the best the Democrat Party can do in 2024.

Others have suggested that Biden doesn’t have much hope of securing a second term in office if he tries to go down this route.

A Longstanding Pattern

Americans can expect to see more polls like the one from USA Today-Ipsos. For quite some time, the president’s approval ratings have been on a decline; however, this has never once prompted Biden to change his policies and win over more Americans.

It’s for this reason that Biden’s lack of favorability is expected to maintain. At this point, Americans of all politics are viewing Biden in a negative light that his White House can only spin to a certain degree.

When asked about Biden’s low poll numbers, his press secretary has repeatedly argued Biden understands why so many people are feeling frustrated these days.

Yet, in spite of what the White House purports as Biden’s “understanding,” there have been no comprehensive reforms from the president to demonstrate his willingness to adapt.

What do you think about the new poll showing that most Democrats don’t want Biden to be their nominee in the 2024 presidential election? Do you believe Biden will actually go through with his plans to seek reelection? Let us know in the comments area.