Nearly Nine in Ten Americans Worry About Inflation

The United States of America continues to face one hurdle after the other with President Biden bringing forward reckless policies and ungodly spending levels. What’s even more unfortunate is the Biden administration’s inability to see how their own policies hurt the very Americans they profess to be fighting for. 

Inflation is a pretty big deal in America right now. The White House has attempted to fault the Biden inflation nightmare on former President Trump; however, most Americans are able to see through this, as indicated in recent polls. 

New polls show inflation is not something that Americans are forgetting about. Breitbart News even notes a survey confirming that almost nine out of ten people in the country worry about inflation. 

The Latest on Inflation Worries Across the Nation 

This week, Harvard CAPS/Harris put out a new poll showing that inflation is not just something only a few Americans fret over. According to the data, 85% of people in the nation are, at the very least, “somewhat” worried about inflation in the United States. 

Of this 85%, 45% are “very” worried about where inflation is right now; what’s more is that concerned Americans have very good reason to feel this way. Back in May 2021, the consumer price index took a 0.6% leap. This comes amid dismal job reports, minimal jobs added to the U.S. economy, and rising prices across the board from fuel to groceries, the housing market, and beyond. 

Nearly nine in ten Americans are worried about inflation; yet, President Biden is still sending out tone-deaf tweets about how the economy is coming back with his tenure in the White House. 

Many people struggling to pay their bills see the matter very different; the same also applies to the thousands of Keystone Pipeline workers that Biden put out of a job back in January. All the green jobs that Democrats claimed would follow still have yet to arrive almost six months later. 

Dark Days Ahead? 

Some economists have already predicted that inflation won’t be phasing out of the market anytime soon. In fact, some estimates show that the current state of inflation will continue and increase well into 2022. 

As the Biden administration lies and attempts to pass blame elsewhere, Americans are getting a look at life under a Biden presidency. Despite the president’s previous claims that no one earning under $400K would pay more in taxes, Americans are paying higher taxes everyday in the form of inflation. 

What do you think about the new poll showing that almost 90% of people in the United States are concerned about inflation? Do you think that inflation will persist throughout this year and carry into the next one? Let us know how you believe this will shake out in the comments section below.