New Accusations Surrounding the FBI

In the eyes of the American people, the FBI is in some very hot water. Put simply, much of the country doesn’t trust the FBI. It is their view that the organization is corrupt, lacking morals, and willing to show favoritism when it comes to who finds themselves under investigation.

Right now, various claims about alleged misconduct within the FBI continue to emerge. This is not doing the organization any favors towards restoring its levels of public trust.

Many of these claims pertain to the Biden family, specifically how the FBI is choosing to handle believed wrongdoings by the president’s son, Hunter Biden.

Currently, the FBI is being accused of looking the other way as the Bidens committed a serious offense, according to New York Post.

What is the FBI Being Accused of?

Mike McCormick worked as an aide to Joe Biden under the Obama administration. However, McCormick now contends that the then-vice president worked to better the energy industry of Ukraine in 2014 after Hunter began serving as a board member for a gas company in the country.

In the middle of all this, the FBI stands accused of intentionally ignoring Biden’s clear role of allegedly using his reach as vice president to help his son in business. There are a litany of other charges being made against the Biden family, especially ones involving Hunter.

Republicans Now Investigating

GOP House members, since regaining control of the chamber, have stressed their commitment to discovering any crimes committed by the president and his family.

Meanwhile, the FBI was just served a subpoena due to its alleged misconduct. Republicans want to get to the bottom of any potential corruption in the FBI and then root it out.

Though given the accusations that continue to emerge against the FBI, no one should hold their breath waiting for serious change to pass.