New Act of Aggression From China Raises Alarm Bells

The rise of animosity from China has been a major concern during just this year alone. Months ago, the communist regime was caught sending spy balloons over our nation’s airspace.

When US officials removed these balloons for national security reasons, China subsequently lashed out. Not long afterward, word broke that the Chinese government was getting cozier with Russia, which also happens to be a regime that’s not very friendly to America right now.

Believe it or not, things appear to be getting even worse with China. Breaking reports from Fox News indicate that a Chinese warship almost interfered with critical US business matters involving Canada.

This Could Have Been a Major Disaster

Over the weekend, the USS Chung-Hoon was working together with Canada on joint military exercises. However, this work almost got derailed by a Chinese warship that came close to crashing into the USS Chung-Hoon.

American officials have since confirmed that the Chinese warship operated in a highly dangerous manner. On top of this, the situation spiraled so close to disaster that America had to actually tell the Chinese government to steer clear of the USS Chung-Hoon.

It’s only at this point that China opted to put its warship on a different course, hence preventing a direct collision.

The World Reacts

On social media, various officials with ties to China have accused the United States of misrepresenting the situation that transpired this past weekend. However, Americans can very clearly look at the footage and see what happened.

All of this seems too reminiscent of the Chinese spy devices hovering over North America’s airspace earlier in the year. Amid that controversy, China also refused to take any sort of responsibility.

However, this latest incident with the Chinese is sure to only worsen tensions between our nation and the communist regime.