New CNN Poll Leaves Biden in the Lurch

For a period, CNN was one of Biden’s greatest supporters.

The heavily leftist network repeatedly defended Biden during the 2020 presidential election, doing everything they could to paint the Democrat in a favorable light.

To some extent, CNN continued this throughout the earlier parts of Biden’s presidency.

However, as Biden created problems like the disaster in Afghanistan, the bungled supply chain, historically high inflation, and more, CNN found itself having a harder time defending Biden.

After more than one year of problems caused by the current president, CNN appears done with being his cheerleader. Nothing provides more evidence of this than the latest poll released by CNN, as Breitbart News draws attention to.

The Latest from CNN on Biden’s Presidency

According to CNN, 58% of the country disapproves of the current president; only 41% approves of the job Biden’s managed to do thus far. Strong disapproval of Biden stands at 41%, while strong approval is only present amongst 15% of Americans.

CNN also shines a light on just how poorly Biden is doing when it comes to staying in the good graces of Independent voters. 64% of Independents do not approve of Biden; only 36% said the opposite.

Believe it or not, CNN’s poll gets even more brutal for the current president. 57% of Americans perceive Biden’s first year as president as a “failure.” When Americans were asked to name one thing Biden’s done which they approve of, 56% were unable to name a single thing.

62% of Americans do not approve of how Biden is handling the economy; only 37% told CNN they supported how the president is dealing with the country’s economy.

More Biden Allies Jump Ship

CNN isn’t the only source on the left that’s abandoned its work to defend the current president. Other left-leaning networks like ABC News, MSNBC, etc., have gone all in on reporting the growing failures of the White House.

Meanwhile, it’s very much apparent that Democrats with elections coming up later this year don’t want anything to do with the president.

Democrats have conveniently found ways to not be around when Biden’s traveled to their states. They also pumped the breaks on talk about the president campaigning for them to assist them in their races.

With each passing day, Biden is losing allies and supporters. Many people have taken to social media, noting they regret voting the current president into office.

This comes on top of progressive leftists who are annoyed with Biden for breaking his pledges on free community college, ending student loan debt, and more.

What are your thoughts about CNN reporting on Biden’s problems and no longer trying to defend him? Do you believe Democrats are ultimately embarrassed by the president they worked to get elected? We’d love to read about your views in the comments area.