New Concerns Arise Regarding John Fetterman’s Health

When Sen. John Fetterman was campaigning for his current seat in Congress last year, many concerns materialized.

People noted that then-candidate Fetterman had just recovered from a stroke and was still visibly struggling with speech and hearing issues. It was for this reason that many folks said the Pennsylvania Democrat was unqualified to run and not capable of serving.

Nevertheless, despite all of this, Fetterman still managed to get the win. He defeated Trump-backed GOP opponent Mehmet Oz.

Though since Fetterman’s time as a senator, he’s continued to wrestle with health issues. According to Fox News, the latest health-related battle that Fetterman faces is now with depression.

What’s Going on With the Pennsylvania Senator?

Studies have confirmed after someone experiences a stroke, there’s about a 33.3% chance of them also dealing with depression.

Fetterman’s chief of staff recently announced the senator is, in fact, wrestling with this. Therefore, he’s gone to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and checked in so that he can receive treatment and feel better.

In a recent conversation with Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News Digital learned more about what Fetterman is up against. According to Siegel, a shift in brain chemistry happens in the aftermath of a stroke.

This can impact the individual’s neurological functions, which would explain the issues Fetterman is facing with depression today. However, Siegel also cautioned that because he is not the Pennsylvania senator’s personal physician, he’s not able to definitively speak about what’s ailing him.

Reactions From the General Public

It hasn’t taken long for news to spread of the congressman going to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in order to bounce back from depression.

Many Americans have wished the Democratic senator well. There has even been praise of Fetterman for taking the steps to get treatment, thereby recognizing the need for it in the first place.

However, criticism has also been directed toward Fetterman’s family and inner circle. Critics have specifically stated Fetterman was not in shape last year to run for Congress and never should have done so.

There have also been questions raised about whether or not the senator will be up for voting on various bills and otherwise carrying out his six-year term. Ultimately, that remains to be seen.

In the weeks ahead, Americans can expect to learn more information about Fetterman’s health, his battle against depression, and how he’s going to proceed in Congress.

What do you think about the news that Sen. John Fetterman has checked himself in for medical treatment amid facing depression? Do you believe this will hurt the Pennsylvania congressman’s ability to do his job in the Senate? You’re more than welcome to let us know below in the comments section.