New COVID Booster Shots Coming for Senior Citizens

For over one year now, there have been COVID vaccines available.

Americans have been able to access these vaccines free of charge. They’ve been told these vaccines are effective, safe, and the key to ending coronavirus.

However, with most people in the country being vaccinated, COVID is still here.

The “effective” vaccines pushed by the medical establishment are likewise not capable of preventing recipients from coming down with COVID or passing COVID onto others.

Some reports indicate that the effectiveness of COVID vaccines and their initial booster shots falls as time passes. This could explain why a second round of COVID booster shots are in the works.

According to Newsmax, this latest round of booster shots will be marketed towards America’s senior citizens.

A Deep Dive into the Second Round of Booster Shots

At this time, the Biden administration believes it is most appropriate to gear the second round of COVID boosters to older adults; this is due to uncertainties about what the spread of COVID may look like later in the year.

Reportedly, a BA.2 variant of omicron is currently making its rounds around the world. Although, the medical community doesn’t think this will lead to massive case surges that were seen last year.

As things currently stand, the White House is going to “suggest” that anyone over the age of 50 takes the second round of COVID booster shots once they are released and available to the public.

At the rate things are going, Americans shouldn’t be shocked if the medical community eventually rolls out a third, fourth, or even fifth and sixth round of booster shots.

Pushback Against Endless Boosters

For quite some time, there’s been a subsection of Americans who warned the medical establishment wouldn’t stop with just COVID vaccines or the original round of booster shots.

With round two of COVID boosters already being prepared, this seems to confirm the concerns of many folks across the nation.

At the same time, Biden is now pressuring Congress to pass another spending bill to promote funding for this new round of boosters. Medical officials are claiming a new spending package is a critical “investment” in efforts of public health.

As things currently stand, many people are warning that repeated rounds of boosters are not about public health, but rather about money.

If Congress does what Biden wants and passes another spending bill, it will take both inflation and US interest rates to even higher levels than what we’re seeing now.

What do you think about yet another round of COVID booster shots being rolled out? Do you suppose Congress will pass a new spending bill for the sake of these boosters? Let us know what you believe comes next in the comments area below.