New Debates Emerge Over Trump’s 2024 Presidential Campaign

The 2024 presidential election is closer than it might appear.

Right now, it’s still a bit early; however, more national conversations are being had about the most viable candidates, which Republicans have the best chances of taking on Joe Biden next year, etc.

Thus far, former President Trump is the only candidate who has publicly declared his candidacy in the 2024 election.

Though the former president has issues of his own to contend with, whether that entails his waning popularity or his 2022 midterm election candidates getting trounced last year.

In spite of the problems Trump faces, some Republicans are still sounding the alarm against completely counting him out, per The Hill.

A Closer Look at Trump’s Candidacy in the 2024 Election

A recent poll showed that if Trump challenged Biden, he’d end up losing to Biden yet again. However, the same poll also showed that if Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ran against Biden in 2024, DeSantis would win the election by a few points.

Nevertheless, those who warn not to count out Trump explain that he’s survived various political challenges before. Whether or not he’s able to do so again remains to be seen. Though some are still comparing the former president to a cat with nine lives.

As debates over the viability of Trump’s candidacy take place, the former president is petitioning Meta to allow him back on Facebook. It turns out that just using Truth Social isn’t deemed as advantageous by Trump’s 2024 campaign.

Democrats in Congress have also made contact with Meta, asking the mega tech company to maintain the ban that’s currently in place against the former president.

Will DeSantis Run?

If DeSantis does decide to run for president in 2024, an announcement will probably occur sometime around May. Right now, it’s a matter of waiting and seeing what happens.

As things currently stand, the Florida governor stands as the greatest threat against Trump securing the GOP nomination in 2024. DeSantis is the only one to best Trump in certain polls and give Trump a run for his money in others.

As all this drama plays out in GOP circles, Biden has expressly on multiple occasions his view that he could once again defeat Trump in a general election match-up. Interestingly enough, however, the president has not spoken about how he thinks he’d do running against DeSantis in 2024.

Some Republicans argue that DeSantis will be able to get more votes than Trump in a general election, thereby increasing the likelihood of Biden being made a one-term president.

Do you agree with the folks who warn not to count out Trump or do you believe he’s finished in politics? In the comments area below, you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts and insight.