New Pills Being Sold Online

New Pills Being Sold Online

( – You might think a woman has to go into a doctor’s office to receive an abortion. That would make sense, since she’s killing a child — you’d be wrong though. It turns out, some are just logging onto their computer and allegedly engaging in another method.

According to pro-life groups, some websites are illegally selling abortion pills. The groups sent a letter to the FDA asking the government to seize sites like and

The FDA sent letters to them last year, warning the pills weren’t being administered legally. Adding to this, the government is also keeping drug-purchasing restrictions in place during the pandemic. That hasn’t stopped the Left from telling people to go to to buy the pills.

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, Aid Access founder, said she’ll continue to allow women to access the pill, no matter what the FDA says. So, essentially, she’s okay with breaking the law if it suits her. It’s looking like the government is going to have to step in and put these supporters in their places.

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