New Poll Documents Major Shift in Americans’ Values

In this country, what Americans place value on will ultimately determine availability levels in jobs, the ethics taught to young people, and more. There’s no denying that generational changes have a tendency to take place, especially as the world shifts.

However, new insight from the Wall Street Journal reveals that things which once held great stock in the United States are being deemed of less and less importance.

It remains to be seen how that affects our country in the years, decades, and generations to come.

A Breakdown of the Values Shift

New polling shows that partisan divisions play a major role in how various events and causes are perceived in the United States.

For instance, Republicans and Democrats have very different views on issues such as how individuals are addressed and appropriate practices to apply in the workforce.

Likewise, there’s been a notable decline in Americans who prioritize matters such as becoming parents, adhering to religion, working hard, and harboring patriotism for their country.

These values aren’t gone entirely; however, they’re certainly not where they used to be in terms of popular support. Polling also reveals many Americans lack confidence that their kids will have better lives than they did, amid ongoing conflict and division in the country.

Finally, support for money, personal fulfillment, and tolerance toward others has increased.

America Reacts

On social media, Americans haven’t hesitated to share their views about this latest poll and what it means for the nation’s future. For instance, some people are alarmed by data noting declines in support for hard work and patriotism.

Others have stated that findings from the Wall Street Journal aren’t exactly conducive to a good or healthy society. Going forward, we can all expect more polls that provide an understanding of the thoughts, priorities, and expectations of our fellow Americans.