New Sordid Details Revealed About Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein

To this day, increasingly troubling information continues to come out about Jeffrey Epstein and his various ties.

His client list has yet to be fully revealed; however, there are real and on-the-record details about the various companies Epstein did business with and the big names he associated with.

One of those big names is none other than Bill Gates. As a matter of fact, Melina Gates (who has since divorced from Bill) went on record saying she was troubled by Epstein’s relationship with her now ex-husband.

Melinda also confirmed that this relationship was a significant factor in her divorce. Now, even more details about Epstein and Gates have come to light, as the New York Post documents.

Blackmail Scheme Revealed

The current story is that Epstein got wind of an alleged affair that Gates had with Mila Antonova, a Russian woman who plays bridge. Apparently, Epstein let Gates know that he was very much aware of this affair and willing to use it to embarrass Gates.

Hence, Epstein paid for Antonova to get an education and then demanded for Gates to return the money. Coincidentially, this happened around the same period that Epstein was attempting to get Gates on board with a charity he was founding.

Response From Gates and More

Bill Gates stated via a spokesperson that he only engaged with Epstein concerning matters of philanthropy. Likewise, it is Gates’ assertion that Epstein’s efforts to use a “past relationship” against him didn’t garner the outcome Epstein was hoping for.

Though if the child sex trafficker had this type of dirt on Bill Gates, it begs to question what else he may have known about other people.

This also goes to show that a long road lies ahead before the public truly has full knowledge of how deep the web of Epstein truly went.