New Study Reveals Groundbreaking News About Relationships

In 2023 (and even in recent years before this one), relationships have certainly changed. There’s been a rise in the use of dating apps, as more people turn to the online world to connect with people and find love.

One of the hallmarks in relationships these days also involves going “Instagram official” when couples post photos of themselves on the popular social media platform.

With the continued changes in how human beings approach romantic relationships, there are more studies being conducted accordingly.

One of these studies reveals the very negative impacts that viewing pornographic content can have on romantic relationships, according to PsyPost.

The Latest Breaking Studies on Relationships

Findings show across the board that relationships where pornography viewing is involved suffer negative impacts. This includes relationships with religious people, secular people, etc.

In fact, the study revealed by PsyPost specifically looked into whether or not individual beliefs could influence whether pornography had a negative or positive impact on their relationships.

On top of this, the data shows relationships deemed as being of “lower quality” may see their partners more likely to turn to pornography. In a nutshell, this feeds into a vicious cycle where an already struggling relationship takes even more body blows once pornographic content becomes a factor.

Researchers also stressed the need for greater studies into pornography’s impact on romantic relationships. Though the data, so far, reveals that for people who want healthy, fulfilling, and loving relationships, pornography is a net negative.

A Gateway to Individual Problems

Outside of romantic relationships, there have been studies showing that viewing pornography can have negative impacts on individuals.

In fact, some of the advantages of not viewing pornography include more energy, stronger confidence, and more time to spend with loved ones.

Of course, some people today struggle with pornography addictions. Any addiction can be very hard to kick. Oftentimes, people who are addicted to pornography or other vices require consistent help and support before they can finally kick the addiction.

Individual problems, left unchecked, can very much bleed into relationships with others. This includes not just romantic relationships, but also relationships with family, platonic friends, co-workers, etc.

At the end of the day, each person benefits from doing the work to be the best possible version of themselves. The perks of such work also extend to relationships, be it in work, love, family, etc.

Regardless of one’s relationship status or personal circumstances, it’s pretty well established that steering clear of pornographic content is the way to go.

Are you surprised to learn that viewing pornographic content tends to have negative impacts on the quality of romantic relationships? You can use the comments section below as a sounding board for your takeaways.