New Updates About Hunter Biden Investigation Should Worry Americans

Hunter Biden has been under serious, federal investigation for quite some time. There are numerous crimes that the first son is alleged to have involvement in. Just some of them include tax violations, lying while purchasing a firearm, business corruption, and more.

Unfortunately, much of the country is understandably concerned that Hunter may never be held accountable, even if he truly is guilty of the things he’s suspected of. That’s because Joe Biden appears willing to go to any lengths to ensure his son is protected, no matter the cost.

Now, new details from the Gateway Pundit suggest the president is once again intervening on behalf of Hunter.

Whistleblower Tells All

According to an agent with the IRS, the Biden White House and Department of Justice are pulling strings to ensure that nothing comes of probes into Hunter.

What’s even more concerning is that mainstream media outlets aren’t picking up statements from the whistleblower’s attorney.

The attorney is clearly sharing the concerns and evidence that his client has. However, there’s no mention of this on CNN, MSNBC, or other similar networks.

The Justice Department has already come under fire for how it’s treated parents in recent years who expressed concerns about their kids’ education. This latest development of the agency running cover for Hunter Biden only speaks to more deep-seated corruption.

A Two-tiered Justice System

What happening with Hunter Biden is all the more evidence of the two-tiered justice system that many folks believe exists in America.

It’s been pointed out on numerous occasions that if Hunter’s last name wasn’t “Biden,” he’d be in prison for just a fraction of the crimes he stands accused of.

At this point, the latest news from the whistleblower is not good. It indicates that no one should really hold their breath while waiting for the first son to be held accountable for his likely actions.